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My Every Day Essentials || #Blogtober


Good evening, I'm back with my third installment of Blogtober! You can catch up on yesterday's post here or read from the very start here. But for today I'm talking about my every day essentials.

For me, a good day starts with my morning so i'm sure I'll have somethings included here thats are also in my post about having a good day or starting your day right.  But don't worry, I will of course try to shake things up a little for you too!

Being a predominantly beauty-influenced blogger, I've rounded up my personal essentials. 

1. A savage eye cream

When I wake up I look like either a puffy, hungover Bridget Jones or a sleek Angelina Jolie (not kidding, it was the BF you pointed it out *swoon*). So to ease my puffy tired eyes first thing in the morning I use the Benefit It's Potent eye cream . It's a hit and miss product but my review covers more of that.

2. Heaven and Hell beverages

When I wake up (or finally stop pressing snooze) I chug a big ole glass of water. I honestly feel more human  after it! To follow is a hot cup of English Breakfast tea on rest days or a cup of coffee with a spash of cream on mornings I workout. I have the luxury of spending the guts of an hour stewing over my tea and planning my day with my bleary eyed other half (he refuses to try my eye cream!).

3. Bright eyes

I do my makeup everyday and everyday I use Maybelline The Nudes Palette. I can create so many versitile looks using this palette or refresh my day look into a night time look with a few swipes. Makeup is my little pick me up so this palette is so lovely to just sit down an play around with. It's also the perfect size for taking with you in your bag! 

4. Brows en pointe

I swear by a coat of mascara and neat brows! It makes me feel instantly put together. this whole crazy brow obsession has opened the doors for innovative, easy brow products so really you have no excuse to have unruly brows. The L'oreal Brow Artist is my saving grace; one swipe and I can give Cara Delevingne a run for her money! 

5. A serious playlist! 

Working from home can be a little boring sometimes and my dad always said that a good playlist is the soundtrack to your life and I couldn't agree more! Music can pull me from a bad mood, spir a blog post or simply relax me. I listen to my spotify playlists with my noise cancelling headphones so I don't wake my housemate but who doesn't love a private dance routine?! Cringe!  I'm currently loving this blast from the past playlist filled with nostalgia! oops, I did it again!  

Those are my every day essentials that keep me on the top of my game! What keeps your day running smoothly? Don't forget you can catch up on my other Blogtober Posts here or join in the fun on Facebook!

See you tomorrow for Blogtober part 4!🍁 


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