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Who am I? || #Blogtober


To kick off Alexandra's Blogtober I have been asked to share a few lesser known facts about myself! I think I may keep these Autumn themed but we'll see (autumnally themed facts about myself?! Wot?!). You can join in on the festivities by sharing a few interesting (or boring) facts about yourself in the comments below or join the event on Facebook!

1. My first sort-of crush...

...developed while building a house out of freshly baled straw. I was five and he was significantly older, distant cousin. I moved on quickly once the French Circus came to town and I fell in love with a clown. I was a wild child! 

2. I've never had a Pumkin Spiced Latte.

I know, I'm such a faker! But I had one seasonal drink from Starbucks at Christmas many moons ago and it was not to my taste so I was put off, sticking to my regular coffees. Also, I worked as a Barista for a summer and it really put me off flavored drinks...especially vanilla...yuck!  

3. I threw my first raging Halloween party when I was six.

The entire* school, including the teachers came! The house was all dark and scary with decorations and there was so many awesome party games like bobbing for apples.  It was so much fun and we were doing so many fizzy sugar lines that I got sick went to bed early. It was talked about for at least 4 lunch breaks afterwards! Cray cray!

*may be slightly exaggerated! 

4. I'm a family person and a bit of a home bird too!

The teachers used to peel me off my mother when I was in primary school... I wish I was kidding! Autumn is my favourite time of year because my mum and I would bake, my cousins and I would dress us and Trick or Treat together or carve pumpkins. We'd decorate our home with crispy leaves and candles and nuts.  I love spending time with my family during the holidays.

5. I love the harvest service at church.

I'm not religious nor am I a regular church go-er but I do love it when our church has it's Harvest Thanks service. The church is decorated beautifully with local produce and we recognise the hard work put in by both the farmers and the earth. It sounds a little corny but I think It's a really lovely thing to do!  

6. I'm a big kid and real outdoors person!

As a kid the autumn is the perfect time to build dens and hunts using dead sticks and leaves that were dry. I'm still true to this today as I'll take any oppertunity to play in the cool air and crisp leaves! I was the kind of kid that lived like Stig of the Dump 80% of the time. My poor mother brushing mud out of my long hair!

Well there you go, six autumn-themed facts about me. Can you think of any you'd like to share? Comment it down below! You can also read my Autumn Bucket List or bake my Spiced Honey Cupcakes while you wait for tomorrow's post.

See you in tomorrow's #Blogtober's post! 

Quotes I live by || #Blogtober

Quotes I live by || #Blogtober

Welcome October

Welcome October