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Quotes I live by || #Blogtober

Quotes I live by || #Blogtober


Welcome to the second day of blogtober! i have finally stopped misspelling it as blogtember haha. Anyway, catch up on the first Blogtober post here and learn a couple crazy facts about me. 

For today's post, Alexandra has asked we share our favourite quotes. I'm afraid i found it hard to pick but I do have three to share with you. 


I often hear this quote floating around but I can never seem to remember it unless I see it again. I like this because it just confirms that if you work hard then great things will come do you, even when you least expect it. My dad often joked that I was Cinderella, always working hard and putting other people's welbeing and happiness before my own. But now my night off has come and I've found my Prince Charming and I'm a (good) different person now. People see my hard work and big heart and I get a lot of respect for it. I work hard to be my own person and that's important to me.


My next quote give me a lot to think about a lot of the time. When a difficult situation arises I think to myself "will I let this affect me?". By asking this it let's me think about the bigger picture, stratigise if needs be. I think it's very important to remember you are the master of your own happiness! 


Of course Frank N. Furter and his very important message would be mentioned here! Anything I would daydream over I went out and achieved; my blog, my Youtube channel, a top university, jobs, school awards. If you can dream it then you can do it! Like Frank said, Don't dream it, be it!* Also, when I read that, I read it in a deeper voice like "Don't deEeEeEam et, BeEeEe et" if you've seen the film, you get me!

*Floating in a swimming pool in lingerie is optional, however. 

Those are my favourite quotes for my Day 2 Blogtober post. I'm really not a quote person, ask my english teacher! And you'll never catch a "liv, laugh, love" picture hanging in my home either.  

But quotes are very personal and inspire and stir very private and personal emotions so my quotes could mean something entirely different to you than me! you can find more of my top quotes on my Pinterest board if your interested. Do you have a quote you live by? Share it down below! 

See you in tomorrow's post! 

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