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Bucket List Updates || #Blogtober

Bucket List Updates || #Blogtober


Welcome back to anouther day in Blogtober! It's a beautiful sunny sunday here so I've just been enjoying some down time with my Cellar Hand a.k.a tired boyf. Today I'm supposed to share with you my bucket list and see how many I have left to tick off. Well given it's Blogtober and I have just writen my Autumn bucket list why not revise that instead? Great! Here we go...

You know what? Considering we're only 4 days into October and I Just posted my bucket list a few days ago, you can just cut me some slack for not blowing through this list! m'kay? Here's a key for you:

⭕ Not started | ➖ Startd | ✔  Completed

 ➖ Make an apple pie

I bought myself a kilo of apples on saturday so I look forward to baking my traditional and delicious apple pie as soon as I eat all my brownies!

⭕ Carve a pumpkin

Well I wanted to keep this one for a little closer to Halloween to prevent the ole rotted sludge forming on my doorstep so give me a few weeks and I'll have it checked off. Have you carved a pumkin yet? Maybe into the shape of a pie??? 

➖ Make super yummy, cozy soups

Yeah I haven't actually done anything to make progress on this except browse blenders...haha that counts! 

✔ Pack away my Summer clothes

Yay I did this one! Last week I whiped out my suitcases and packed away my summer shorts. I washed and aired my winter coats and scarves too so I am ready for the up and coming chilly weather! (I'm also really for an impromtu trip to Auz if the oppertunity arises...) 

⭕ Make Toffee Apple cupcakes

A few ingredients have proven tricky to come by but I hope to make these for Halloween to give out to some Trick or Treaters. 

➖ Pant bulbs for the Spring

I've been preping my little flower beds ready for me to plant my perfect bulbs when I find them. I've seen a few nice daffodils and crocuses but I'm undecided! 

⭕ A cosy picnic

I'm patiently waiting for the harvest to quieten down and a few more leaves on the ground before this one but I'll keep you posted! 

➖ Decorate the house

My housemate and i found the perfect place to gather dried leaves and acorns and chestnuts so this week we shall go a gatherin' and get this house all festive! Or at least my room...

✔ Movie night

Pyjamas, fluffy socks, popcorn, a glass of wine and a cheesy chickflick...heaven! The perks with living with another girl, right? We've got a Netflix playlist already queued to keep us company on these cold nights.

➖ Stock the cuboards

This is a progressive thing but let me tell you; I have pasta coming out my ears! Same goes for tin tomatoes... 

⭕ Read a good book

I just haven't found the right book... if you have any suggestions please tell me! Don't let me fall into my wintery Twilight obsession again... 

➖ Try a new tea

I have the tea in my line of sight, all I need to do is purchase it! Have you got any recommendations?

✔✔✔ Hot chocolate

This is becoming a shameful weekly ritual... I make a meeeean hot chocolate and boy is it hard to say no to! 

So that's a quick update of my Autumn Bucket List. If you have any suggestions that would help me complete my list I would greatly appriciate it! Autumn themed or not, how's your bucket list going?

Until tomorrow... 🍂

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