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Autumn Handbag Essentials || #Blogtober


I'm a very organized person. We when I say organized I mean more like organised chaos. I love to be prepared for all and any of life's ups and downs in my handbag; plasters, tampons, hair ties, snacks, lip balm..you name it! 

For today's Blogtober post, I'm sharing with you the essentials in my handbag this Autumn.




My Jack Wills fleece lined mittens are a serious essential now that the bitter weather is really creeping in! These keep my hands nice and toasty but are still cute and stylish. 

Sunglasses and case

Although it's getting nippy, the sky is still bright! These Acessorize cat eye glasses are so chic and sit nicely on my face. Eye protection is so important and prevents damage and wrinkles.

Carmax cherry lip balm

I love this lip balm! My lips get so cracked and chapped in the coldermonths and this glossy balm is the only thing that smooths and softens my lips.

French phrase bookbook

Living in Switzerland, particularly the more French speaking area this little phrase book can be a lifesaver. I don't have a lot of french but I do like to make the effort so this book is pretty useful!

Tangle Teezer

Any girl knows the bother of trying to comb out wind-whipped hair. My compact Tangle Teezer is perfect for smoothing out my hair on the go with no snagging or tugging. 


I hate carrying it around for fear of losing it but in Switzerland you required to carry a form of ID on you. This could be hearsay but I've had friends be stopped at checkpoints in cars or on the street by the police and an ID was sought after.

Portable Charger

Although I don't have a phone anymore my tablet may need a boost or even my boyfriend's or a friend's phone may need revived while out and about away from home.


Kinda obvious? Well I always like to be that personawhen someone asks for a pen. It's always good to have to write down numbers or tthoughts or ewhat ever you may need.

So those are the essentials I am currently carrying around in my handbag, besides the obvious purse, keys etc. It's always good to be prepared for anything! Have you got an essential you can never leave the house without? Share it below! 

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