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How to wash your Makeup Brushes

How to wash your Makeup Brushes

Washing your brushes

Time to spring clean your makeup brushes! I wash my personal brushes every sunday evening in front of an episode from my favourite tv show. This has to be my least favourite part of makeup but we gotta do it and I'm going to show how to do it really quickly and easily, using only ingredients from your kitchen.

What you'll need:

  • a plate to mix on
  • a teaspoon (or a tablespoon depending on the amount of brushes you have)
  • your choice of oil (olive oil is great!)
  • your choice of dish soap/washing up liquid (good ole Fairy Liquid)
  • your dirty brushes
  • 2 small clean towels to pat off your brushes and rest them on to dry
  • **optional** a brush scrubber (you can use your hands too)



Measure out equal parts oil and soap onto your little plate, here I used one teaspoon oil and one teaspoon soap. 



Give it a good mix. It will probably go a little murky looking, thats ay-okay!



Dampen your brush and squeeze out excess water. Swirl it in the mixture.

Brush in the mixture



Rub the mixture on your brush scrubber thing or just on the palm of your hand. This is actually a face washer thingy from Soap&Glory that I picked up in Boots. Makes a great brush washer too!


Rinse them really well under warm water and squeeze it out. Inspect the bristles for any dirty or soapy residue. You may need to do this a few times with the likes of foundation brushes because the liquid products build up deeper than powders.  Smooth out the bristles and lay them flat.

A wee close up, So shiney! 

A wee close up, So shiney! 

Ta da! 

Before and after

If you've had a nasty bout of spots or you suffer from acne or other spreadable skin conditions you can disinfect your brushes by adding a few drops of tea tree to the mixture or another equal measure of white vinegar. 

This is especially great if you have sensitive skin or allergies or you're just looking for a budget friendly option!

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