This is going to be a pretty weird and boring tab for you to explore! This part of my site is where I lay down the law (a.k.a my disclaimer) to difuse any confusion or to cover my ass on any grey areas in the blogging world. If I missed anything or you have a question, email me at theladylifeblog@gmail.com


Everything on my blog is my own, unless otherwise stated. This includes the site logo, theme, products used etc. I have worked with the helpful people at SquareSpace to get my site perfect but unless otherwise stated, it's all my own work. I take my own photographs unless otherwise stated, but all other content is my own and made by me. You may use my images (or if you see my images being used elsewhere) please let me know first by emailing me, linking back to this site as the source and give credit where credit is due! (i.e Don't steal my photos or I'll be after ye, ye hear?!)

Sponsored Products

Quite often I am sent free products in exchange for product placement on my blog. Although I am super grateful for the products I'm sent, I do only choose to accept and showcase particular products which I think might interest and suit my readers. My general rule of thumb is if I wouldn't purchase it (or think to purchase it) for myself then I'm not very comfortable promoting it to my wonderful readers. Nevertheless, all thoughts, opinions and wording are my own and completely genuine, regardless of whether or not the product was gifted to me or purchased by me. In the off-chance I don't like a product I will not post about it (but explain this to the company) or write an honest and potentially negative review. If this is the case, I will run it by the brand prior to posting/not posting. All items/posts marked with an astrisk (*) are products or contain products which have been gifted to me.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate linking is often done by many bloggers allowing them to earn a small amount of commission when they link a product. Posts on my blog from 01/01/15 to the current date do not contain any affiliate links. I will alter this when I start using affiliate links. Any affiliate links that I would use will always be linked to either the exact product mentioned or something very similar. You can download Ad Blocker for Firefox or Google Chrome is you don't want to see these ads. 

Sponsored posts

Similarly to the products I am sent, I am offered to write paid content. When considering a paid post I will always make sure that the content will be relevant to my blog and my readers. I do understand that SEO is very important, purely SEO-based posts that won't benefit me or my readers in anyway won't be accepted. I don't accept pre-written text because I want to keep my blog true to me and my way of writing (which obviously my readers enjoy). The prices of sponsored posts will vary depending on the work involved in creating the content and the social media support. I do not accept compensation for guaranteed positive reviews.

If I have missed anything of you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at theladylifeblog@gmail.com