About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my humble abode. I'm Holly, twenty-something years old, born and raised in the UK but reared in the boggy fields and back roads of Ireland. Wise beyond my years and enough dirt behind my ears to grow potatoes (so I've been told). 

Don't be fooled, I may have only opened my blog to the world in January 2015 but I've had a few years of vlogging under my belt which had taught me a thing or two. My initially successful YouTube channel began around the same time as Zoella, Michelle Phan and Pixie Woo in 2010. It grew at a steady pace with volumes of active subscribers. But what did I do differently to Zoella, thus cancelling my success? I started trying to be someone I wasn't. Friends and family began to question my sanity when I answered their questions with "no, I don't make any money from it". With the aid of people's suggestions (*cough*opinions*cough*) and common (often incorrect) knowledge, I began trying to morph my originally fun and personal YT Channel into one of these insanely beautiful, wealthy american girl's channel who would just sneeze and new makeup would appear in front of their perfect bedspread/fairy-light set up. As my videos became more "superficial" and generic, my followers began to get bored. 

I started this blog in an attempt to get back to my internet roots. I used to have a private blog where I kept the score tighter than Emma Stone in Easy A (favourite movie btw, pop quiz later). The Lady  Life came to me in yet another attempt to become a superficial pink-girly-run-of-the-mill makeup blogger. I stopped myself in my pink-themed tracks and said Woah there! Don't get me wrong, I love reading those blogs but it just wasn't me. It has taken a lot for me to realise what was me

The elegant and classy life of a lady, that's me. Now if you're a regular reader of mine you're probably thinking what?! But in actual fact this blog is a gentle nudge in the guts to remind me who I am and what I stand for. So what do you stand for Holly? Well! I want to share with you my thoughts and beliefs of what it takes to be a young woman in today's society. I want to encourage self love and acceptance, to share coping techniques for all of life's ups and downs, I want to change the world. But of course, I still want to have some fun! So you can guarantee a mix of lifestyle, food and beauty (for old time's sake) posts here.

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